its christmastime

Santa’s Lap

For all of you who have taken their children to see Santa, you know that it can be a blessing or a curse.  For us it was a curse more that it was a blessing.  Cameron wasn’t sure about sitting on Santa’s lap.  This picture is when Cameron was four – this was a success!

This picture was taken right before Cameron’s first birthday.  If you look closely Cameron is NOT happy.  What you can’t see is that Santa is his dad!  It was truly hilarious!


When Cameron was two we had a successful trip to see Santa.


Since year two was so successful, we thought we would have another good year.  Here we were at Zoo Lights at the amazing Brookfield Zoo.  While we were waiting in the long, long line, Cameron was SO EXCITED.  He couldn’t wait to see Santa.  That all disappeared when we finally got to the room with Santa.  Total meltdown!  Me being “mother of the year” made my screaming son sit on Santa’s lcameron-santa

On Cameron’s 5th birthday he decided that he was done with Santa’s lap!  Which selfishly was fine with me.  The long lines are crazy and I never knew what was going to happen when we finally got to Santa!  Santa was very faithful and still showed up at the Priebe home each year!

The picture below is of my husband Scott and his brother Craig sitting on Santa’s lap.  Santa is their grandfather Priebe.  This picture is another gem that I pull out each year!