Welcome!  Thank you for visiting my website.

For years my friends have encouraged me to start a blog.  This week after prayerful consideration, I’m jumping in.

Here are things I am passionate about; my faith, my family, entertaining, cooking, gardening, organizing, loving on people and helping people get healthy.  I am a high school substitute teacher.  I know that many of you may think I’m crazy, but I love high school kids, I was a youth leader for 20 years.  I am also the Special Needs and Day Camp director at my church and a Plexus Ambassador.  

Nothing makes me happier than planning parties and events or entertaining. I love things that are elegant but simple and inexpensive.  It is important that my home be comfortable and inviting.  I joke that I gave birth to one child, but I am the mother of many.  When Cameron’s friends were all still in high school I could feed 6 to 10 on a Friday night.  Sadly, for me, they are all in college now so our house is very quiet.

I can’t wait to share ideas with you.  These are things people are always asking for me to share; entertaining tips, decorating ideas, recipes (yes, there will be some of the ones I’ve never shared), cleaning ideas, and health tips.  I’m a nut about holidays, especially Christmas!

I have been married to my amazing husband for 23 years.  Scott works as a consultant to pay the bills, but he has so many other talents.  This beautiful website is his work.  We have one son, Cameron, who is going to school for game design.  We also have two crazy dogs Garrus and Tali.  Our life is busy and at times non stop.

A fresh batch of Monster Cookies!