most wonderful time of the year

Ornaments, Ornaments, Ornaments

Each year as I pull out ornaments to decorate my Christmas tree I relive so many memories.  I’m sure each of you go through the same thing.  Please be patient with me as I walk you through some of my memories.


My mother-in-law, who is an amazing artist painted this beautiful bulb.


My grandma Grace knitted this sweet mitten for me.  At one time it had a mate, but like most children I lost it.  I’m so glad that I still have this one.  Many years ago I came up with the ingenious idea to hang it on my tree every year.  Instead of being tucked away in a box, I am able to pull it out each year.  It is one of my most precious possessions.


I have had this little ornament since I was in Kindergarten.  I got it from my Sunday School teacher and it was filled with CANDY!


I gave this beautiful ornament to my grandma Grace and a couple of years before she died she gave it back to me.  She loved it so much that she displayed it all year long.  I lovingly pull this ornament out each year and remember the love that was my grandma.


Another ornament from my grandma Grace.  She had made for her each of her grandchildren.  They hung on her tree for years.  Another thing she made sure I got.


The German pickle!  It is supposed to be the last ornament
on the tree and whoever finds it first on Christmas morning gets a prize.  We have never done that since there is only one child in our family.  My Aunt Sue gave me this special ornament.


Another beautiful ornament painted by my mother-in-law Rozanne.  This is a painting of my Cocker Spaniel Casey.  He was our first baby and then became Cameron’s protector.  We had this sweet boy for 16 years.  He could be a pickle, but he was loving and loyal.


My sissy, Amy, gave me this bee hive.  My name means bee.  If I wasn’t The Domesticated Maven, I’d be the Queen Bee!  Amy is always on the lookout for bee themed ornaments.  I just love this one




These two ornaments are from Dublin, Ireland.  I took a group of high school students on a mission trip to work in a youth camp.  I loved being a youth leader.  The relationships and memories I have from this trip will be with me forever!